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Do you feel like you have to hide who you truly are for fear of rejection?

For late-realised, high-masking Autistics shame can be a massive motivator of compensatory behaviour.

We compensate for our autistic traits out of fear of being rejected and excluded.

Unfortunately this compensatory behaviour is exhausting and both contributes to, and maintains Autistic Burnout.

This short course is designed to help you:

  • Understand the relationship between shame and masking
  • Get clear on how you have internalised ableism
  • Work out the difference between staying safe and over compensating.
  • Take a balanced, anti-ableist perspective on your Autistic characteristics

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PDF of Slides and Notes

All the training from the video in written format for people who prefer to read

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Video Lessons

Dr Alice Nicholls explains the relationship between shame and overcompensation and what you can do about it in four short videos.

Includes instructions on how to complete the worksheets.

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Fillable PDF Worksheets

Easy to fill out on screen or print PDF worksheets help you to apply the learning to your own situation.

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