Are you a late realised, high masking Autistic who wants to know how to ask for adjustments but doesn't know where to start?

Reasonable adjustments can help us to access work, education and services.

They can make accessing work education and services less stressful.

Unfortunately, for a lot of late realised, high masking Autistic people it is incredibly difficult to ask for what we need.

When you have masked for so long and appeared to cope with the status quo it's hard to know what you could ask for and even harder to ask for it.

This short course encourages you to think about changes that might make your life less stressful and gives you some resources to support you to ask for them.

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PDF of Slides and Notes

For people who prefer to read, the content of the entire video is provided in text format.

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Video Lesson

Dr Alice Nicholls explains what reasonable adjustments are, what you can ask for and how to ask for them.

Includes step by step instructions on how to use the worksheets.

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Fillable PDF Worksheets

Easy to use on your device or to print off. These worksheets help you to apply the teaching to your own life and specific situation. 

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