Are you a late diagnosed, high masking Autistic person with sensory needs?

This course is for you if you would like to:

  • Understand how unmet sensory needs can contribute to Autistic Burnout
  • Identify your sensory needs
  • Learn strategies for regulating your senses
  • Create a plan to meet your sensory needs within your daily routines

Please note this Workshop was previously available in the Autistic Burnout Recovery Membership for the month of May 2024, If you were a member at this time you will have received it as part of your membership benefits.


"I'm really grateful for the workshop as it gave me a way to identify and categorise the things I can do to meet my sensory needs.

I really like that I've got a whole list of things I can do to support myself that I can come back to. It's also been helpful to recognise the activities I'm already doing that are helpful and to get inspiration of others I can try in the future. Thank you Alice Nicholls" (Anonymous)

Picture of Sensory Regulation Plan Form
Fillable PDF Worksheets

Easy to use on screen or print out. You will receive worksheets to help you to apply the learning to yourself and your situation.

Workshop Video
Workshop Videos

Three short videos explaining sensory regulation strategies and talking you through how to do the exercises

picture of slides with notes
PDF of slides and notes

For people who prefer to read, all my notes and slides are provided in PDF format

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