Are you a late realised,

high masking Autistic person who

wants to feel energised?

  • Understand how Energy Accounting can help with Autistic Burnout
  • Get clear on how you gain and spend different types of energy
  • Learn how to budget your energy
  • Build a more fulfilling and sustainable life

Picture of Slides and notes on a phone screen
PDF of Slides and Notes

All the training from the video in written format for people who prefer to read

Picture of slide show
Video Lesson

Dr Alice Nicholls explains how you can use Energy Accounting to save and manage your energy levels in Autistic Burnout.

Includes step by step instructions on how to use the worksheets.

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Fillable PDF Worksheets

Easy to use on your device or to print off. These worksheets help you to apply the teaching to your own life and specific situation.

Example Curriculum

  March: Energy Accounting
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