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Are you a late-realised, high masking Autistic person who wants to get clear on who they are without the masking and the Autistic Burnout?

This short course is for you if you want to:

  • Understand how stories about us can shape our sense of identity.
  • Notice how our stories about Autistic Burnout can make us feel hopeless.
  • Explore new ways of linking together events to make your own stories.


"Of all the workshops so far,

this has been the most thought provoking and illuminating for me"

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Fillable PDF Worksheets

Easy to use online or print off PDF worksheets to support your exploration of your identity

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Training Video

Watch Dr Alice Nicholls explain the course materials and talk you through the exercises step by step.

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PDF Slides and Notes

For people who prefer to read, all the training slides and Dr Alice's notes in one place.

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